The  Ordinary World NHS video is being released on 11.12.20. Please check out this page on the 11th. 

The stunning visualisation and choreography centers on the story of a young man and woman whose fledgling relationship is restricted by the rules that have been imposed on us. 

The ‘social dis-dancing’ featured in the music video pulls together some of the ‘new normal’ movements where the handshake has been replaced by an elbow greeting, hugs replaced by virtual hugs, and kisses replaced by air kissing. Masks, shielding, lockdown, quarantine – people are close to each other but shouldn’t touch.

The choreography is set to an ethereal cover of Duran Duran’s 1980s hit, ‘Ordinary World’. Although written over 30 years ago about a relationship, the song has a poignancy that reflects today’s new world with a hook line that asks, “Where is the world that I recognise? Gone away” - a sentiment that is shared by many people, young and old, across the globe as we navigate our way in this new world.